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The Locomotive Company Inc., is an established international supplier, and has been in the business of selling large bore diesel engine replacement parts for over 30 years.

The Locomotive Company, has the ability to not only supply new off-the-shelf items, but also reconditioned and RTO (running take out) parts. Hard-to-find discontinued and no longer furnished parts once produced by the original manufacturer are our procurement and supply specialty. Depending on the situation, good, used, or reconditioned parts can save you time and money.  Our  UTEX (unit exchange) program can save turn around and down time on your equipment.

The Locomotive Company, with our experience and through its vast resource library, can supply our customers with in-depth technical knowledge. We can supply in many cases copies of original technical, mechanical, operational and parts manuals, for most manufacturers.

The Locomotive Company, with its knowledgeable employees, can perform world wide on-site inspections and evaluations of your equipment needs.

The Locomotive Company warranties most all parts that leave our manufacturing facility. Export (wood) boxing available upon request.

The Locomotive Company would be pleased to submit quotes to any inquires that need immediate attention.

We hope to be of service.

James Koebbe